Sunday, January 17, 2016

Work Culture

Today’s prompt:

Work Culture

Work culture is all the rage. What values do you bring to work? Is there any one cultural trait you want to import into your workplace? Create a punch list of small things you can do to nudge culture forward. Or, explore companies who seem to be doing it right.

I’m a homeschool teacher, so I work from home. I am also a volunteer secretary for a non-profit community choir that serves our area’s youth.  Most of my work there, I do over the phone and the computer, so---I don’t have a “work culture” per se. Instead, I offer a list of attributes that guide us in our homeschool:

  • Flexibility: This is a must have. It is impossible to schedule everything in our lives, because it’s LIFE, and we have to work school in with the running of the household.


  • Humor:  Life is so much more interesting when it’s funny. And humor is a great way to blow off steam or to ease tension and frustration with the schoolwork or with each other. We are always cracking jokes. Silliness is our love language.


  • Dignity: Though we love to laugh and tease pull pranks and are not afraid to look silly, we don’t do it at each others’ expense. We do not tolerate name calling or hurtful comments. We protect each other’s mental, physical, and emotional space. We build each other up.

family pic 2

  • Tenacity: If at first we don’t succeed, we try, try again.

egg shoot

  • Fun: Life can be so hard sometimes, so we look for ways to infuse it with fun. Makes for good memories!

Neenie snow tubing

  • Wonder: The universe is SO big and there is SO much to learn and see and do. It’s like trying to drink from an open hydrant.  We are never get bored. (And if we do, I assign chores!)


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