Thursday, January 21, 2016

Standing in line

Today’s prompt:


What (or who) did you shell out or stand-in-line for this year? Was it worth it? What made you wait in line, log-on early, or form a lifetime attachment?

Here’s the thing. We don’t stand in lines. We make it a habit to circumvent the queue system if we can. One of the few times we couldn’t was when we stood in line to see President Barack Obama at our local university. The event was free, but for crowd control, the venue issued tickets, and we stood in line for a couple of hours to get ours.  We live in a decidedly red state, so I was surprised to see that the line for tickets was as long as it was.  I was also surprised to hear people of many different political persuasions talking and joking amicably with each other in line.  So used to the political vitriol on the interwebs, I fully expected people to be as nasty in person as they were online. I was delighted to be wrong.

Although many of our friends thought we were wasting our time and wondered why on earth we would stand in line for tickets to hear that @#*$% Obama speak, we were looking forward to hearing the President and being part of what was a historic event for our town. My son, Calvin, even got interviewed by the local news just prior to the speech.


Here we are, killing time in line at the university, waiting for tickets to President Obama’s speech.



Calvin being interviewed.

calvin on tv

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