Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Coming up…

In the last couple of weeks, I have thought of a bunch of post ideas—but because they are dear to my heart, or hard, or just plain work, I have shied away from actually writing them.  Because, you know, that would require emotional investment.  And I’m a little tapped out on feelings right now. I’d like to just not feel anything---

Wow—that sounds so doom and gloom.  It’s not—a lot of  the feelings I’ve experienced in the last couple of weeks have been joyous and amazing and life altering in very good ways---and some of them have been just silly and fun, and others have brought me to the depths of despair---the tired cliché “emotional roller coaster” is tired for a reason. It’s been running non-stop for awhile around here.  (Bad joke, sorry.) Mostly, it’s been awesome---but now I’m just freaking tired. 

So, after a good long nap…at some point…soon…I hope…I will post about the following things: (Yes, I’m setting myself up here---to those who will keep me accountable---you know who you are, heatherstaceybethjanet!)

Rosegaelle: Orphans, Adoption, and Child Sponsorship

Rosgaelle 3

I don’t yet even know where to start with everything I have to say about our experience sponsoring this little girl.  It’s been amazing and enlightening and wonderful and heartbreaking. All at the same time.


Meridian ATA Martial Arts: A Love Story, continued—Krav Maga

krav maga

A continuation of my story with Meridian ATA Martial Arts---because this post and this other post weren’t enough.


IDU (Idaho Destination Unknown): A new series

cornerstone bistro food

For Mother’s Day, Julio took me to an amazing restaurant, The Cornerstone Bistro, where we chatted with other patrons seated at our table.  One gal told us that she and her family used to go on spontaneous road trips—day trips to wherever—they just started driving and stopped when something looked interesting.  She called these “DU (Destination Unknown) trips.”  We loved the idea and took off on our own the next day.



New series: Passion and Purpose:

Cantus Youth Choirs

cantus youth choirs logo

One of the many beautiful things about homeschooling is that it gives parents the opportunity to handpick teachers and mentors for their children.  We have been incredibly blessed to find many people who are living their dreams, sharing their passions and expertise with us.  The first post will introduce you to Cantus Youth Choirs, the community choir my kids have been involved with for the last three years.  This is not your ordinary choir, my friends—this is transformative.


Passion and Purpose: Xpressions Dance Academy

xpressions logo

In the second post in the Passions and Purpose series, I’ll introduce you to Alexis Langworthy, director of Xpressions Dance Academy and all around amazing woman and dancer, who changed my little Gloria’s world through dance and artistic expression.


Random Bits: Stuff I’ve been reading, watching, or thinking about

I daresay that one’s pretty self explanatory.


Okay. Now, I’m committed.  After all, I posted pictures.  I’m such a stinking tease.  More soon.  Hold my feet to the fire, people.




  1. I'm so holding you to these. And, we seriously have to talk in person about some of this passion and purpose things.

  2. YOU know I'll be holding you to proud of you!
    Emotions stink sometimes, but they also free us.

    Love you and your stories!!!

  3. 2 weeks and no more posts? (okay, there is one Krav Maga post) I want stories! I love your blog! And you, of course, and your wonderful family. ;)